◆2013.11.26〜27 The Japanese Society for Non Destructive Inspection (JSNDI) Fall Conference 2013◆

The conference was held at the RCC Bunka Senta (RCC 文化センター), Hiroshima.

Prof. Hirao, Prof. Nakamura, and Nurmalia, PhD, participated in this conference. It was a lonely trip since everyone went there separately. Fortunately, the weather was wonderful so I could enjoy the beautiful late autumn scenery along the way (^_^).

Prof. Hirao was Head of the Organizing Committee of this conference. This is the picture of him giving a speech at the banquet on the first day evening. Thanks to Prof. Nakamura for taking this picture. I did not attend the banquet because I had to prepare the slides for my presentation on the next day >,<

I gave a presentation in the guided waves session and was the only English presenter during the whole conference >,< Alumni of Hirao Laboratory, Mr. Hatanaka of the Sekisui Chemical and Mr. Kusumoto of the Sumitomo Chemical also attended the event. Unfortunately we did not take any picture together >,<

By the way, let me introduce Nondi chan, a mascot of JSNDI. What a cute mascot, isn't she?