Research Topics

Resonant ultrasound microscopy

Resoance ultrasound microscopy (RUM) is a powerful method for quantitatively measuring local Young's modulus and local damping of solid surface.

Resonance ultrasound spectroscopy

Resoance ultrasound spectroscopy (RUS) is a powerful method for measuring anisotropic elastic constants of thin films.

Acoustic phonon-resonance spectroscopy

Picosecond laser ultrasounds (PSLU) is a powerful method for measuring the out-of-plane elastic constant C33 of ultrathin films.

Biochemical Sensors

Ultrahigh-sensitive wireless-electrodeless QCM biosensor

Low temperature RUS system.

Low temperature RUS system has been developed.

Low temperature lattice dynamics of piezoelectric materials

By means of RUS technique, we are studying about elastic, inelastic and piezoelectric peoperties of ceramics single crystals at low temperatures.

Molecular dynamics simulation.

We are studying about the nature of glass transition in amorphous systems by molecular dynamics computer simulation.