◆2010.3.23 Graduation Party!◆

We held a graduation party on March 23, 2010.
This was the last party for M2 students also for Mr. Mutsuo of B4.
The first party was in a gracious restaurant where our party organizer, Mr. Morita, currently doing part-time job ^_^

Our dear Professors and Technical staff, thank you for your countless generosity.

This year's graduated, Mr. Uranishi and Mr. Nagai.
They were holding a "Graduation Sochu" specially presented by our event organizer, Mr. Morita!
Our groups's name was written on the bottle, it was indeed a nice present, thank you sooo much Mr. Morita ^_^

Happy faces from the other tables.

Two guys from Ogata Lab, also having graduation party in the same restaurant, visited our place.

Yeah... main party was finished, one party never been enough!! Here are some pictures of second and third?? party ^_*

Old and new member of FePt research theme, complete with the Professor!

They're probably only half conscious ^_^

Please come to Hirao lab again outside your working time!!
Let's have party again on Obong vacation and Golden Week, we're looking forward to seeing you again, seniors, and good luck with the job ^_^