◆Hanami 2010.4.09!◆

Spring is coming, time for happiness (^_^)

We gladly had a Hanami party on April, 9 2010! This was also a welcome party for new B4 students of Hirao Lab, in addition, one B2 student whose advisor is our M1 students, Kawamoto kun, also joined us.

Preparation was almost ready

We terribly worried about the weather. Almost everyday of that week was rainy. Fortunately it was such a nice, a bit cloudy day, when we held our hanami. Hanami is supposed to be a time to enjoy seeing cherry blossom, instead, everyone was busy looking at the stove (^_*)

What an honor we got, our adorable graduated senior Tanei san and Shagawa san kindly joined us all the way. Thank you for coming, also for providing a better expensive meat we couldn't afford (^_^)

As always, one party never been enough. Second party was held at Didori Tei (ぢどり亭).

After that, all night bowling at our favorite game center (^_^)

It was indeed a nice day, quite tiring, though. Definitely would be happier if Prof. Nakamura, who currently doing research at Harvard University for one year, were here also.