◆2010.5.7 Welcome Party for New B4 Students!!◆

Eight new outstanding B4 students join Hirao Laboratory this year.
We cordially welcome them and special welcome party was held on May 7, 2010.

This year, Yamamoto kun is in charged of every party in our lab.
With his short speech, the party was started. Kanpai!!!!

It was rather sad that new students couldn't share this excitement with Prof. Nakamura.

Among B4 students, perhaps Fukushima kun (left) is the strongest drinker. On the right side is Nishikawa kun, doing his best with beer in both hands.

New B4 students Koike kun, Omori kun and Nagakubo kun in the left picture, enjoying fried potato is Y Sakamoto kun and Nakamichi kun beside him on the right picture.

Drunken pose of M Sakamoto (M1), now we have two Sakamoto ^^

Everyone keep smiling 'till the end, no body hates party after all ^^

Welcome aboard, new comers, let's do our best and live our lifes to the fullest in Hirao Lab.

The next party will be either a graduation celebration of M2 students or softball winning party.

Let's figth in this year's softball competition, so we don't have to wait longer for the next party ^_^