◆2012.04.06 First Meeting with New B4 Students!◆

There are eight new 4th graders joining Hirao Lab this year, including Morikawa who took one year off last year.

April 5th was probably one of the most important day for 4th graders, as on that day to which lab they will belong was decided. The process was pretty dramatic.

Hirao Lab was quite popular among them this year. Some of them could join Hirao Lab by nature since they received recommendation. While the others had to go through the breathtaking rock-paper-scissor "fight" in order to join Hirao Lab. There were even two girls among them (never happened before!!!). Unfortunately they lost,,, This popularity was probably due to our successful Open Lab presentation, in addition to good image of our lab and great professors we have ::grin

The situation during Open Lab Presentation.

First meeting was held on April 6th. We introduced ourself briefly, name, grade, hometown, hobby, etc. (too bad, no one said "興味はヌルマさんにサポートをすることです" this year,,,). Self introduction was done in order:: Maehara (as a punishment for coming late :D) → Staffs → M2, Nurma and M1 → B4.

Here are the new B4 students with their nervous faces ^__^

Self-introduction was followed by research topic explanation for B4 students given by Prof. Ogi and Prof. Nakamura.

Having new comers always bring more positive energy to our lab. We are going to have a busy semester:: seminar, softball competition, entrance examination for graduate school, etc.

Let's always do our best!!